Natural Soap and Flowers


The TrueHerb is a byproduct of an endeavor to formulate exotic, personal care products derives from our rich heritage of timeless AYURVEDIC formulations.

Team TrueHerb has been on a persistent and an ardent mission to create range of herbal personal care products that are a perfect blend of natural extracts to provide the most benefiting solution to personal care.

Special care has been taken to thoughtfully blend essential herbs, essential oils and fruit extracts using advanced technology to derive optimum use of their beneficial properties while carefully avoiding the use of damaging ingredients, allergens & harmful chemicals through perpetual testing and research.

Originally developed for personal use, after a series of constant testing, careful research & appropriate modifications based on first hand feedback. Team TrueHerb is ready with its first range of personal care products to provide sublime care through herbal power.

The Trueherb thus is all set to reveal an advanced refined AYURVEDIC solution to skin, body, hair & personal care.