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The trueherb

Ayurveda Redefined

TrueHerb offers one of the finest range of Indian ayurvedic skin care products available. Our passion is to share the goodness of Nature with our customers through our range of unique and 100% pure ayurvedic cosmetics and personal care products. Our creations blend the ancient science of Ayurveda and the best of modern techniques and standards, and are guaranteed to bring out the best from within your natural self. 

The trueherb

100% Natural & Organic

TrueHerb is among the best ayurvedic skin care products manufacturers and chemical free makeup brands in India. With an exciting and unique line of herbal beauty products that brings to you the best natural ingredients combined with the heritage and traditions of ayurvedic knowledge, TrueHerb stands out among other Indian personal care brands by offering premium yet economical creations that deliver the safest and most effective results. 

The trueherb

Complete Customer Satisfaction

TrueHerb is proud to have served our customers to the best of their satisfaction by offering high value products with an accessible pricing. Among all the certified organic makeup brands in India, TrueHerb maintains its uniqueness due to our invaluable relationships with our customers and their trust in our products. TrueHerb is a green cosmetics brand that values your wellness and gives back to the environment and our communities.


Ayurveda Redefined 

The TrueHerb is a byproduct of an endeavor to formulate exotic, personal care products derives from our rich heritage of timeless ayurverdic formulations.
Team TrueHerb has been on a persistent and an ardent mission to create range of herbal personal care products that are a perfect blend of natural extracts to provide the most benefiting solution to personal care.



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